Monday, April 6, 2009

What is one to do?

Jeez its been a dogs age since I've been on the blog. I had my laptop stolen in October and i've found it difficult to keep up to the Inter-web without it. Anyway. . .

So, I've had this nameless band with the legendary Vince Andrushko for over a year now and we STILL DONT HAVE A NAME!!! summers coming and we need to start getting shows but whats the point if no one has a way to remember or hear about you. Long story short i want some ideas. Heres some of the names we've been thinking of, let me know what you think! Suggestions welcome!! Here goes:

The Rockford Files
The Silver Bullets
The Shootouts
The Jimmy Swaggarts
Barn Dance
No Cover Free Beer
The Special Guests
The Propositions
Lucky Luke
Triple E
The 151's
The Fortunes
The Longbows
The Hastings

Thats a start. I'll tell you its a real bummer to have a band and not a name. In fact, its more or less futile. Damn it feel good to post on here again! Hi Roberts!!!

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