Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Perils of Shin Yu

Why is this infamous artifact in my hands? Perhaps Michael seeks to poison me, to poison my hand and mind with the monstrance of dark, satanic inspiration! The Black Quill performs beautifully, it flows now, but what does the Quill have planned? While I sleep does it write a troublesome narrative with my name in it? Already my brain is dull but still I write- why is the Black Quill in my hands? Surely she grins and gnashes her teeth at the dream-image of me withering, writing; her monkey fiends flying through the night, finding me ghastly and enervated, Black Quill in my hand. Are you free now, Michael? Run then. Though I curse you as you have cursed me: escape from the black crow clutch the maw of the black ink tyrant...
-- Via Wigtads

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