Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Conversation Piece (also published on The Disclaimer)

Here is the link to an article I read today, and my response (as submitted to the WFP commentary, ergo the otherwise nonsensical references to Mr. Lambert and Rev. Blair). Not at all related to art I'm afraid, but from time to time we do discuss worldly matters, non? I am interested in your opinions.

Obama's Emission Cuts: Pragmatic Suicide
by Gwynne Dyer

I'm of the opinion that it really is too late to do whatever the Gwynne Dyer's of the world would have us do about Global Warming (don't get me wrong, Mr. Dyer is one of my favourite columnists). Whether you are of Mr. Lambert's opinion or Rev. Blair's (personally I'm on the fence) it matters not. We are not capable as a species of relinquishing our desire for greater economic wealth, and no threat of imminent doom is great enough or near enough at hand to change the course of our civilization, period.

I myself am very conscious of what I consume and always will be, no matter if I am preventing Global Warming or not. I do so because I believe a better life for me does not exist in things, and I also believe that the generations that come after me should not have to suffer unduly for my greed. But I am also aware that my views are in the minority, and understand (not merely out of cynicism or spite) that most people want to live for today, have been told to live for today and can only live for today. If the world goes through an apocalyptical climactic change sooner rather than later so be it, geologically speaking it was bound to happen anyways. Drive your cars, live your lives, but don't neglect to prepare your children for the tomorrows that you will be lucky enough to escape—perhaps they will be among the few to survive the wars and mass starvation that are bound to follow if the predictions are anywhere near right.

(BTW, not to toot my own horn too loudly but I was made aware today that my most recent to the editorial pages of the Freep was published last week while I was nowhere near a local news stand. Read it here, if you dare.)

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