Tuesday, June 2, 2009

From the Archives: Toronto

Toronto, things are well
I'm essentially
Fake it 'til you make it
could not have found a better home
than here

But I can't seem to think
everyone and everything is a joke.

Now take me seriously here,
we all interact to certain
needs and wants,
that whether objective or subjective,
make us relate in the flow of resources,
sometimes equitably, sometimes not.

Weird names like political economy
and moral economy

A supposed repository of forward movement,
where man and women still fail in the simplest of ways.

Where jealousy and paranoia have undermined
of collegiality and order,
where self-trephination is the only reasonable method
of traversing the political farce
that is everyone ignoring
everything within the space
of 4 hallways and too many offices

Where I find opportunity
as I am
that has come with a tried,
tested and true praxis
instilled by roughly six-fingered others
thousands of kilometers
through irrefutable work ethic
and wow abuse.

The joke has a solution: Replace system relations
with human relations.

I'm talking here not of systems interacting,
as they surely do,
but of our interactions within those systems,
aggregate behaviour that violates.

By bringing human relations in line with system relations,
could we observe and possibly ensure responsibility?

Understanding that we should be proud in the Nation,
for we have understood the inherent natural competition
that logically precedes acceptance, fairness, discipline, and collaboration.

A way of being ruthless with creativity,
with pushing people to do their dreams,
to bring forth their conceptualization,
to be in accession with thee.

(The thing that is and ever will be)

So ride your snake and know
that we do more together than apart,
but love spares no one.

So for those that do not work and participate,
there is empathy, compassion,
but little mercy

(and it isn't me)


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