Thursday, June 11, 2009

Co-opting a symbol (Part 2)

This letter appeared in today's Winnipeg Free Press, in response to the coverage about the Swastika (as previously commented on by Sky):

'Svastika' stolen from Hindus

Re: Girl brainwashed to hate, says aunt (June 6).

Upon reading this horrific story of these two parents and this innocent little girl, I feel I must comment not on the story itself but on the symbolism of the swastika as published in this article.

As the little girl correctly states, it is a symbol of love and it does symbolize the sun. This symbol is one that belongs to the Hindu religion and culture.

There are many Hindus that display the "svastika" prominently and proudly in their homes but unfortunately, as Hitler was famous for, he pilfered and stole the symbol as their own and sullied and destroyed the true image. Whenever I read or see a a story in the media regarding skinheads, Aryans and the svastika, it is always in relation to Nazis and pure hatred. The media never reports the true meaning of this symbol or the origins, in effect perpetuating the evil nature of the symbol in the public's eyes.

There were and are many more millions of people that regard the svastika as a symbol of love and peace than there ever were Nazis on this planet. I for one, would like the public to know that this symbol belongs to peace-loving Hindus and the true meaning of this needs to be given back.



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