Monday, June 22, 2009

Classic Post No. 1-- Ren, Josey and the Burnt Smokey

This, the first in a series of "classic" posts I feel like re-posting, was first put up by Culleton, on October 18, 2005 (a ten-post day).

I am continuing to sift through the archives, and may post more as time and spirit allows. I've only got like 4,500 posts to choose from, so...

Quitmoanez said...
Poor poor deviant, with his charred hotdog and burnt up morality.


7:25 AM

James Culleton said...
My favorite part of this photo is at the left, where Ren's face is glowing from the sweet light of sunset. It's out of focus just enough to be disturbing, it looks like a painting!(that might be a cue)

8:17 AM

l-blizzard said...
ha ha! yes! burned up on the barbeque of his own base desires.

that'll teach 'im.

8:31 AM

l-blizzard said...
also, he skipped a planned 9 a.m. brekkie w/ us this morning.

guess he was too busy w/ his deviant deviancies. too busy sampling his burnt little morality-wiener.

10:52 AM

donmaximo said...
Ah, poor Josey - perpetually lost in the forest of sin. When, oh when will his charred wiener of deviance be replaced by a juicy, fat frank of fun?

12:09 PM

Krahn said...
I like to think of it more as a well cooked theory of good and evil. One in which I am good and all of you are evil.

Just for the record thats how I like my hotdogs and I'm an A student.
Also for the record I didn't 'skip' breakfast I missed it.
All in all though Lorne is a great asset to the badn. Ya'll should have heard us last night 'thisonell be called skinny woman' and so on. we rock, rock

12:20 PM

donmaximo said...
Yes...YES! I can see it now...replace the sausage-of-sloth with a six-string-groupie-slayer and those eyes! Whoa! Rock on Oscar Meyer!

12:43 PM

Macro said...
Right on Krahn!

Burn your wiener!

9:19 PM

TheSmokyTiger said...
have you ever tried a Blazing Smoky?

11:42 PM

Krahn said...
Have you ever tried eating 12 hotdogs at 6am while wearing a fleur de lie? with a spear?

9:50 AM

Quitmoanez said...
Krahn, I just wanna pop that zit on your head!

10:11 AM

l-blizzard said...
i think that's his eye, isn't it?

11:58 AM

Quitmoanez said...
The Third Eye of Deviance?

If so, it goes well with the Zit of Moral Depravity!


12:54 PM

Krahn said...
thats not a zit thats my brain juice.

1:10 PM

Quitmoanez said...
Indeed it is, and no one ever, ever, I'll kick your ass if you do, question it.


2:34 PM

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