Tuesday, May 19, 2009

May 19

"The idea of people hearing about punk rock and saying "How do I become a punk?" and then trying to imitate other so-called punks was absurd. The correct question to ask is, "How do I express myself?" If you do that right, you're a punk, whether you mean to be or not."

-Tim Smith of the Adverts

I think if you replace "punk" with "artist", he's nailed the ethos a lot of us have.

Or, just keep punk in there b/c we're so bad-ass.

It's my birthday. I'm thirty-freaking-seven, and I feel great about that. Also born on this day: Malcolm X, Pete Townsend, Peter Mayhew (aka Chewbacca).

I just had a great visit in TO with some AlfA peeps and Olivia.

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