Saturday, May 2, 2009

Does Your TV Watch You?

So, in George Orwell's famous novel "1984", Big Brother installed two-way televisions in everyone's homes, televisions which by law (and by lack of user-controls) had to be left on at all times.

Now, have we brought Orwell's predictions to life? Have we invited surveillance into our homes via our newer, better TV's, or, for that matter, our newer, better computers?

I read an article a while back in the New York Times where the author said that, thanks to iPhones, cell phones, wifi, the replacement of analog televsions with digital, the use of debit and credit cards, and the electronic tagging of kids to prevent abductions, we've willingly, as a population, acquiesced to at least the potential for 24-hour surveillance.

In effect, the author said, we've given the "powers that be" a dream scenario-- one in which they are able to track our every movement, every penny we spend, and every word we say-- without them having to lift a finger. That's not to say they *do* track every movement... but that they can, should they choose to, and with great ease.

Is this paranoid? Hasn't history shown that all power is eventually abused? Should we be afraid?

Anyway, I gotta go watch hockey on my new giant plasma screen. It fills a whole WALL! Seriously! A whole WALL!!! WOOOOOOO!

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