Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A man on the ground...

Man, this place is amazing. Makes Montreal even look provincial.

F'n ALfA, finish your books, your dissertations, write your poetry, paint your thoughts! Let's travel the world letting people know how brilliant we are.

I've learned that Latin American culture is fundamentally one of intellectuals. You wouldn't believe it, there's people singing opera and giving philosophy lectures on the street, and people stop to listen, and they're not tourists!


Yesterday I sat at an outdoor cafe and listened to a lecture on Sartre and how he influenced the Argentine mind, I'm getting goosebumps just thinking about it.

He actually said that if the jew hadn't ever existed, the anti-semite would have invented him!

He also said that philosophy should not be kept in the academy, and that it must be brought to the populace, hence the outdoor lectures.

He also said that all idealism was digestive philosophy, and that his philosophy was purgative! Ha!

He also said that man is only alienated because he is free. Alienation is a luxury!

The West will die! The West will die!

Who knew that we would preside over the decline of modern civilisation, eh? Who knew? I almost want to cry, oh wait, yet another beautiful tanned young women passing by to lift my spirits.

This is ALfA on the ground, reporting...

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