Tuesday, March 31, 2009

whats happening now

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Hey peeps, Im in Vancity!

The Shaman drumming thing was a huge success. There were way more people than I expected around the circle. Jeeze, Im so thankful to all you people who came and shared in the experience. Special thanks to James too for arranging the space. Im definately going to do it again when Im back in Pegtown.

Magic is real.

Ive erased all trace of music from my trusty Mr Computer in preperation for the new music Im making here. Blank slate. Im going to try to make this count.

Heres a quote from Alex Grey:

“In industrialized civilization, art has become a tool of commerce and fashion, draining much of its sacred functionality. Most mainstream art in galleries and museums today has neglected or camoflauged its role as a spiritual tool. Art-school graduates create cunning strategies that build upon and extend the latest art theory or contemporary style. Contemporary art has, at times, become a self referential and intellectual game. In contrast, “outsider, insane, na├»ve,folk,primitive, self-taught artists” do not pay attention to the contemporary art critical agenda. These artists make art because god told them to, or because they are simply possessed or obsessed with their own vision The intensely personal, sometimes crude energy that goes into these works brings an aura of raw authenticity that is lacking in much contemporary art.-

Also, I would keep my eyes on the Korean peninsula this week...

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