Thursday, March 26, 2009

Shamanic Journey

Alright all you sad-eyed wintery people of Winnipeg. Ive arrived in town for a week in order to help you usher in Spring. I wasnt expecting a blizzard! Maybe if we unite our astral wills together with one purpose we can dispel the snow in quick time. Mind you keeping things frozen may keep the flood waters at bay so let us not be to hasty about what we wish for.

I ran the shamanic ceremony twice in Toronto with much success. Good turnouts and every single person found a power animal and we all had a lot of fun. (On one day a full on wizard came to the circle! This grizzly bear dude who s seems to be very well knowledgable in druidry, runes, and magic in general. He spent the last 11 years in a monastery! Its interesting which characters may be drawn to a fire once you start it burning)

Id like to drum up some support for the one Im doing at James studio this sunday from 2:00-4:00. Ive lowered the price to 20$ and I garuntee its worth it! I wish I could do it for free but shamans need money too for more kraft dinner and mr noodles.

I find this circle making ritual is an especially interesting way to bond a bunch of people together. It would be sweet to see some of you labelites there. Especially since there are many of you who I dont beleive Ive ever met in -real- life.

Here more of a low-down about the process of shamanic journeying:

Central is the beleif that the material world we live in represents only one level or plane of existence. Behind or beyond this world lies the Otherworld, the world of power and potencies, of spirits and forces which can guide and help us, if only we would recognize their existence and accept their reality.

In the shamanic worldview, it is commonly held that everyone has power animals: animal spirits which reside with each individual adding to their power and protecting them. A power animal is an aspect of self that is represented by an animal. The aspects of that animal apsect can be empowered and encouraged such that it assists you in your life. According to shamanic understanding, we each have a number of power animals, for they are patterns of natural abilities and potentials that are inherent within us.

In shamanic practice it is believed that part of the soul is free to leave the body. This free soul is believed to leave the body regularly during dreaming.

The journey occurs by shifting awareness or consciousness in order to allow part of your soul to leave the body. The drum or rattle is frequently used. The slow repetitive rhythm shifts the individuals "rhythm" so that he or she can journey. Just the way a soothing song can help somone achieve a calmer state. The rhythm of the drum puts you in the right state to journey.

Journeying is like meditation is a tool for spiritual growth. It is also a tool that can be used for healing, obtaining information, and working through psychological issues.

All ages, all shapes and sizes. Good wholesome fun. Free Smoki Tyger album. Snacks.

So let me know if you re interested! The more people involved the greater mojo charge for the cirlce. You should bring a yoga mat or a blanket, some loose fitting clothes, and maybe a small personal object to add to the alter.

After this Im headed to the mountains and wont be back until folk fest.

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