Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Spring Journeying Workshop

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Ill be passing through Pegtropolis at the end of this month with a new disc called:

Xlent Nu Styl

Ive got an interesting concept for how I will release this disc.

I would like to use my new Yoga training combined with my knowledge of shamanic journeying to run a workshop.

Im talking with Cyrus Smith about maybe using his space.

Format would be thus:

We gather and form a circle.
1. About an hour of yoga to get ourselves warmed up and bonded.
2. a guided drumming meditation where we will journey to the underworld astral realm where we shall encounter and bond with our power animals.
3. Art time where we bring our visions into the material realm through art.
4. We share our expereinces and eat some snacks!

The whole thing will last about two hours and Ill charge 25 dollars. this will cover rental of the space, cost of dainties, art supplies and of course a copy of the nu Smoketygr album.

Depending on interest I could run one on saturday and one on sunday.

what do you think?

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