Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Clown Joke (One of my Favourites)

A little boy, Billy, is at the circus with his aunt. There are trumpets sounding in the distance and the smell of candy apples in the air. He sees his favourite thing about the circus, a clown. Giant red hair and nose, a brightly coloured grumpy face, and big floppy shoes. Billy goes berserk, running wildly over to the clown to ask for a balloon. The clown looks down at him frowning and says "I will not give you a balloon, you disgusting little snot nosed wretch. Go eat dirt!". In a state of shock poor Billy runs crying back to his Aunt who takes him home. That night before going to sleep, Billy vows revenge. The next morning when he wakes up, and every one after, his single goal was to teach the clown a lesson. He begins a swimming routine to strengthen his body. He studies Combat Krav Maga, Brazilian style jiu jitsu, takes courses at university with this same specific intent (eventually getting a degree in law). Then, one day when his mind and body were strong and complete, he went back to the circus to look for the clown. He sees the old decrepid clown hunched over in the same spot holding ballons as though they kept him from falling over. Grey streaks ran through his once fiery red hair, and his colourful face now creased with dark lines. Billy, teeth clenched and sweating slightly on his brow, approaches the clown. This is the moment he's trained for. Billy says, "Remember me clown"? The clowns cataract filled eyes search over billy's face and then he straightens up a bit and says in a creaky voice " "I will STILL not give you a balloon, you disgusting little snot nosed wretch. Go eat dirt!". To which Billy, who has worked his whole life for this moment, replies, "Fuck you clown, fuck you"!

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