Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Hey, sorry to be sending out so much ufo info right now but I think its pretty important. Remember what I was saying about disclosure awhile back? Well there was a big meeting in the US where all of these government officials, scientists, pilots, military officials, from around the globe met in order to disclose what they knew about the ufo question and government involvement. There's a special on the history channel that goes in depth into it available on youtube


If you have an hour or two, I would HIGHLY reccomend watching it.

I just finished watching the whole thing and I think that it contains conclusive proof that we are being visited by intelligences beyond human. Also that the governements of the world are concealing this fact.

Sometimes I feel like a jerk or someone who is crazy for always trying to spread this information to people who dont seem interested. Especially on an art blog.

But for heaven's sake, doesn't this issue have a grand and pressing scope and pertinance?Beyond art, religion science, family, politics, the environment or any other issue? Shouldnt the implications of these well documented events have profound impact on everyone on the planet?

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