Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Art of Jim Corbett - to my mind a wonderful artist, and dear acquaintance.

I just love Jim - he is a wonderful artist and not given enough "recognition". Many "would-be art afficionados" self appointed or otherwise; are unaware of his existence let alone his various talents. I have seen the most amazing surrealist type images, as well as landscapes and other work of his. I own 3 large Corbetts and am proud to have them in my collection. - Ludolf.

Jim Corbett was born in 1945 and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba. During his formative youth, Jim had a casual interest in art. By the sixties, the casual interest became a passion and eventually an all-consuming obsession.

Corbett enrolled in the University of Manitoba, Faculty of Commerce, which seemed to be a sensible choice at the time. However, during the three years he spent in Commerce, Jim’s creative urges could not be ignored.

Winning first prize in the Manisphere Art Exhibit & Competition in the seventies gave Jim Corbett a newfound confidence. He had a voracious appetite to learn about fine art, which led Jim to enroll in a variety of art classes in the evenings while he worked in the advertising industry during the day. Jim had some terrific art instructors who encouraged him to challenge his abilities.

Creating fine art while managing his own advertising art studio for ten years was draining, but it broadened Jim’s expertise. These years of hard work are now paying off, resulting in painting tours, representation in Canadian Galleries, and his works finding homes in private collections both nationally and internationally.

Jim Corbett now shares with others what he learned by instructing at the Forum Art Institute in Winnipeg, Manitoba.


My quest to create art with substance became a long arduous journey. I needed to
create intriguing images of mysterious beauty; My image in image concepts have brought me closer than I have ever been in my life.

Early in my career the power of Mother Nature caught my attention. There is nothing
more enthralling to me than Mother Nature when she unleashes the devastating force
of her anger in contrast to a gentle summer breeze.

I embrace Mother Nature as a great business partner even though she is
temperamental, unpredictable and somewhat cruel at times. I try to capture that
personality in a unique way so others may have an appreciation as well.

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