Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A piece of my writing. - LRG

The Surrealism of Reality

Qualia in poetic motion.

What is it like to be a bat? She pondered as she gazed into an inverted spectrum.

She was pesimistic or was that epistemic. Her LISP was bothering her.

NON - said the Frenchman.

Have you met my wife? said Oliver as he removed his chapeau.

Her “upside-down” glasses made her feel like she was constantly walking on the ceiling.

Was she going to drop into the clouds?

[While highly improbable, John Locke had told her that; if she could conceive it,

It was possible]

She hoped not, as there was a gigantic apple there left by some Belgian painter.

Just walk away Renée.

Her relationships had always been a problem,

Especially those with her own physical brain states.

Thus her conversion to the total acceptance of the philosophy.

Is it philosophy, or just science? Either way it is Art.

The argument for cloning Neanderthals could be extrapolated to Zombies,

If we took the evolutionary line, when would the phenomenon present itself.

Zombies aren’t part of evolution!!

Well they are - they are beyond the ultimate.

I didn’t find them on the Darwinian thingy!

What bloody thingy?

You know the one with the duck on it.


>>>>> }Should I explain this gap? Bollox!!


In Dennett's updated version of the inverted spectrum thought experiment, "alternative neurosurgery", you again awake to find that your qualia have been inverted — grass appears red, the sky appears orange, etc. According to the original account, you should be immediately aware that something has gone horribly wrong. Dennett argues, however, that it is impossible to know whether the diabolical neurosurgeons have indeed inverted your qualia (by tampering with your optic nerve, say), or have simply inverted your connection to memories of past qualia. Since both operations would produce the same result, you would have no means on your own to tell which operation has actually been conducted, and you are thus in the odd position of not knowing whether there has been a change in your "immediately apprehensible" qualia.

Let your cross-sensory perception synthesise it.

Maybe I’m just trying you.

My autodidactic skills?




it depends on your perspective.

© : Ludolf R. Grollé

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